Water & Environment

Environmental businesses require long-term vision. There are no limits to the investigation and the efforts of PECSA to create a healthier future and achieve coexistence between humans and nature.

From the installation of infrastructure for water and wastewater treatment to the construction of facilities for reuse of resources such as smelting furnaces and facilities for solidification of sludges, PECSA can provide the highest level of technologies,.

We are also striving to develop and commercialize seawater desalination technology to provide solutions to the water scarcity issue of the world.

PECSA will help resolve water shortages in the world and will become a world leader in the field of water through their active participation in the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) and operation and maintenance (O&M).

Wastewater Treatment
Water scarcity is an increasingly serious global issue, despite the abundance of water on Earth. PECSA can provide sewage and waste water treatment services, including advanced sewage treatment technology that turns waste water into potable water, and a complete underground treatment facility construction technology designed to remove odors and utilize land more efficiently

Water Treatment & Supply
PECSA operates a water treatment and supply business that purifies river water to ensure the safe supply of potable water.

PECSA can provide desalination technology that helps ensure the reliable supply of water resources by removing the salts dissolved in seawater to produce water for industrial, agricultural and residential uses.

Recycling of resources
Resource recycling involves collecting waste resources and recycling them with a resource circulation system, which is a technology essential for sustainable development to address environmental contamination.

Rehabilitation and Expansion of Sewage WaterTreatment Plant (SWTP) in Yanbu, KSA

Period: Jan. 2011 ~ Jan. 2013

Expansion Capacity: 20,000m3/day

Rehabilitation Capacity: 27,000m3/day

Poland Kraków incineration plant

Period: Jul. 2013 ~ Nov. 2015

Capacity: 340 ton/day × 2 Sets

Description: Stocker Processing system

Desalination Plant for Gwang-yang Steel Plant, Korea

Period: Jan. 2013 ~ Jul. 2014

Size: 30,000 m3/d

Description: SWRO

Abu Dhabi Strategic Water Storage & Supply Project in Liwa

Period: Aug. 2010 ~ Sep. 2014

Capacity: Infiltration and storage of 2,700 million tons of DSW in a shallow dune sand aquifer

Description: Water Pipe 161 km, 3 well field scheme, 4 pumps stations

Jungrang Advanced Sewage Treatment, Korea

Period: Feb. 2004 ~ Oct. 2007

Capacity: 5,324 l/sec(460,000 m3/d)

Description: Process – A2O BNR

Busan RDF Power Generation facility, Korea

Period: Aug. 2010 ~ Mar. 2013

Refused-Derived Fuel: 900 ton/day

Power Generation: 25MW