Ethical Management


PECSA has practiced Transparent Management and Principle-based Management through recognition at the highest level that the company’s management philosophy must remain the core value of the corporation.

Markets today require that companies not only deliver on the bottom line, but also provide straightforwardness and transparency in terms of their operation. Unethical business is bad business and a sure way to lose the trust of the customer. To ensure a sustainable corporation, PECSA set out a code of ethics, and all employees have pledged to adhere to it.

CEO’s Message


All members of PECSA are determined to become people who act in a fair and just way. Each employee clearly understands that ethical management is the most fundamental and important management strategy for the sustainable growth of the corporation.


  • Code of Ethics?
    As exemplified by our founding philosophy of ‘Principle-based Management’ and ‘Transparent Management’, PECSA sees morality as our core value. The code of ethics of PECSA stipulates the criteria and principles of ethical value for our stakeholders.
Basic Duties

The code of ethics of PECSA consists of the body of the code of ethics, the rules of conduct, and the regulations of the code of conduct. The code of ethics stipulates the employees’ obligations as well as the mental attitude that they must have in order for the company to win the trust and respect of stakeholders. The rules of conduct enumerate seven norms of conduct that all employees must comply with in order for the practice of corporate ethics.

Customers and Business Partners

The regulations of the code of conduct specify what should be observed in business relations with stakeholders as part of the rules of conduct.


We shall seek justifiable profits through transparent decision-making and efficient management. We shall enhance our corporate value through continuous management innovation and our growth strategy. We shall respect shareholders’ rights and investment returns and provide necessary information in a timely manner..

Executives and Employees

We shall strive to make our company a place for our employees’ self- realization by respecting the creativity of individuals and providing them with the basis for fair competition.

We shall not discriminate against our employees regardless of their religion, age, sexual preference, academic or regional background. We shall establish a development-oriented corporate culture based on mutual trust and understanding.

Nation and Society

We shall respect national policy and law and fulfill our social responsibility as a corporate citizen.
We shall respect local communities’ traditions and culture and do our best to achieve co-prosperity and progress with local communities.
We shall abide by international treaties related to human rights, the environment, culture and economy and local laws and accounting standards.