QHSE Policy

Quality Policy

POSCO E&C SAUDI ARABIA aims to become the most attractive PEPCOM solution provider in the Kingdom of SAUDI ARABIA by providing optimized technologies for our target clients. All of our staffs are strongly equipped with discipline and basics as core value.

  • We comply with SAUDI ARABIA legislation and conduct business by focusing on clients’ value according to latent needs.
  • We strive to grow together with suppliers and partners based on faith and candid communication.
  • We execute projects based upon our established processes, systems and solutions.
  • We continue to improve our performances with sophisticated quality management solutions.
  • We always respect ethical way of management.

Safety Policy

POSCO E&C SAUDI ARABIA aims ‘Zero’ accident through human-comes-first policy. We respect safety and health as Top Priority. We act and control accordingly.

  • We, all company members including suppliers and subcontractors, put every effort to prevent any occupational accident by implementing the safety and health management system.
  • We continue to assess risk and establish safety and health measures before performing every work.
  • We comply with SAUDI ARABIA legislation and take priority actions to prevent potential accidents.
  • We continue to remind every staff members of the importance of safety and securing safety competence by implementing habitual danger prediction activities and training.
  • We have established processes to cope with any emergency medical and occupational accident. We have filed all the casualties and update our processes to prevent the recurrence.


Environment Policy

POSCO E&C SAUDI ARABIA aims to become the most environment-friendly entity in the region. It shall implement green management system by taking global environmental situation into serious consideration.

  • We consider friendliness of environment as core value throughout the value chain of our business: from planning, design, procurement, construction, up to operation and disposal.
  • We comply with SAUDI ARABIA legislation and regulation. We establish and implement our own environmental control criteria.
  • We are committed to conserve ecosystems, save resources, prevent any environmental pollution and minimize construction wastes during the course of project execution.
  • We put clear roles and responsibilities for every project members to implement environmental protection guidelines and system. HSE team also trains them accordingly. HSE team shall monitor and audit the performance on regular basis.




*PECOM: Planning, Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Operation and Maintenance

Quality Management System

Quality Management System

PECSA, with the faith that high level of quality capability contributes to enhanced customer satisfaction, reduction in construction period and other corporate value enhancement, is proactively responding to customer demand and enhancing ability to manage project management. Also, in the efforts of creating high quality and corporate values, PECSA supports quality improvement activities of subcontractor. PECSA makes continuous efforts to reinforce global quality enhancement to strengthen its project implementation ability.


Safety Management System

Safety Management System

The health, safety, and well-being of our employees are of foremost importance to us and are a fundamental part of our ability to successfully conduct our business. We believe that a productive workplace is one where the necessary measures have been taken to safeguard our employees’ well being. Consequently, we are committed to creating an incident and injury-free work environment for our employees, contractors and clients. To accomplish this, PECSA has established safety management system in accordance with OHSAS 18001. The system is composed of risk assessment, safety meeting, safety activities, safety training, audit and assessment. PECSA implements plan-do-check-act cycle to seek out further areas for improvement and enhancement of the system.


Environmental Management System

Environmental Management System

PECSA is promoting environment-friendly management based on environment management system appropriate for construction business and leading environment-friendly construction that responds to climate changes and protects the earth’s environment by strengthening support for promoting environment-friendly businesses of business partners.

PECSA contributes to the earth’s environment protection through construction business and creates a goal of establishing environment friendly construction culture.


PECSA has created and is running environment-friendly system optimized for construction industry according to international standard

of ISO14001 and PDCA cycle. PECSA is collecting environment data on waste materials in addition to creating a goal for the entire construction process, understanding laws, creating plans and managing achievement, which it automatically manages.

It is currently being operated in all the site offices and also used as a channel of communication with head office.