Our Leadership

PECSA opening on 21 December 2015 at Riyadh


choi-캡처Thank you for joining us today. Special thanks for continuous encouragement and strong support from your Excellency and all of you here.
As a core value of PECSA, we aim to become the most attractive E&C Company in the Kingdom and world. Most attractive in three aspects.

First, in E&C market, we shall be “the most attractive PEPCOM solution provider” for our clients. We’ll bring customized and optimum solution for key issues of our clients in the Kingdom.

Second, in capital market, we build most attractive company for our shareholders and potential investors. For every piece of work in pecsa, we always have “enterprise value” in mind.

Third, in job market, we’ll create the most “attractive workplace” for our young professionals in the Kingdom and world.

How to achieve it?


I have three operating targets.

First, pecsa shall bring E&C technologies and knowhows accumulated over the past 40 years at posco E&C and family members of posco group. Bringing key engineers and professional staffs of posco. Local adoption of posco E&C’s core technologies: project management information system, building information modeling, security first solution and other solutions. Technologies shall be transferred in many ways. Transferring during the course of planning and execution of key projects in the Kingdom. Also, we are currently operating 365*24 technology help desk here for PIF and our clients in the Kingdom. Answer for your question is one email away, which is “help@pecsa.com.sa”

Second, pecsa will always respect basics and build pecsa version 1.0, step by step, stone by stone. Whatever difficulties we face, unexpected rain fall or sand storm, we’ll always get back to the basics as solution. I want pecsa known as the most disciplined. Company with the most disciplined staffs.

Third, we aim to attract most talented people in the market with most competent human resource scheme. For HRD, my HR team is finishing up new capability dictionary for pecsa. Capability building and career development program for every single individual will be designed and jointly operated by POSCO Academy and PECSA in align with this dictionary. For HRM, We shall make our compensation package most competitive in the market. pecsa will also keep the most creative and communicative culture of the organization.

Here in the Kingdom, I’ve learned that we have two seasons. hot and very hot. We’ll keep our pace whether it’s hot or very hot. Together, we can make pecsa “the most attractive E&C Company”.

God bless pecsa and all of you. Shoukran.


CEO, Myungju CHOI



*PEPCOM: Planning, Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Operation and Maintenance