Civil Works

PECSA aims to contribute the expansion of the nation’s infrastructure based on our superior technology and experiences accumulated over many years.

PECSA is proactively engaged in the construction and renovation of railroads, the backbone of overland transportation. Railroad construction demands advanced technologies capable of addressing latent risks and PECSA continues to research comprehensive engineering techniques to eliminate the risks.

PECSA performs in development projects including roads, bridges and tunnels.

PECSA shall undertake harbor projects by offering environmentally-friendly, people-oriented design and construction to enable to live in affluence and convenience.

Jeonra Line Iksan~Sinri, Korea

Period: Jul. 2007 ~ Apr. 2012

Total Length: 34 km
Description: Conventional Railway

           Bridges: 9.73km

           Tunnels: 2.1km

Incheon International Airport Highway

Period: Apr. 1996 ~ Sep. 2000

Length: Six-lane main road 5,473m

       Branch line 1,493m

Description: 9 bridges and 2 tunnels

Ui~Sinseol Light Rail Transit, Korea

Period: Sep. 2009 ~ Sep. 2014

Total Length: 11 km

Description: Underground Tunnel, Manless

Seoul~Incheon International Airport Mass Transit, Korea

Period: Dec. 2009 ~ Dec. 2010

Length: 63 km

Description: MRT, Airport link

Incheon Metro Line 2

Period: Feb. 2009 ~ Under Construction

Total Lengh: 29.2 km

Description: Underground Tunnel, Manless

No.27 Highway in Korea - Jeonju-Gwangyang section

Period: Mar. 2005 ~ Dec. 2011

Length: 12.13km

Description: 6 large bridges (1,180m)

           8 small bridges (240m)

           4 tunnels (5,225m)