Building Works

PECSA always strives to build the best buildings possible by combining superior architectural engineering with our ceaseless efforts to improve residences by understanding our customers’ desires. PECSA constructs buildings that are not only beautiful and creative, but also eco-friendly and smart.

PECSA can create buildings in various areas, including high-rise complexes as well as educational, medical, research and sports facilities.
By applying cutting-edge technologies, including flat plate structural systems, wind-induced vibration reduction technology, and energy saving technology, we are creating buildings that not only look great, but also protect the environment and ensure a safe living space for all.

PECSA works hard to earn customer trust and return the confidence our customers show in us by providing residential spaces that improve wellbeing and the quality of life. The advanced thoughts and technologies of PECSA are changing the life style of customer as we consider beyond construction to gather all aspects of residential environment.

We build new residential facilities and are actively involved in redevelopment, reconstruction and urban regeneration, as it is these business sectors that, when properly managed, maximize the value of our living space by thinking what residential environments.

Business / Commercial
PECSA has secured expertise in cutting-edge intelligent buildings with differentiated design capabilities. The office and commercial facilities built by PECSA will become local landmarks.


Madina Hajj PKG4A, Madina

Location: Madinah

Period: Oct. 2016 ~ Feb 2019

Stories: B2F ~ 20F ( 5 towers)

Description: Hotel (4 Star)   614 Rooms x 5 BLD = 3,070 Rooms

Smart Town J, King Fahad Coastal City, Jeddah

Location: King Fahad Coastal City, Jeddah

Client: PIF

Land Area: 114,000 sq. m.

G.F.A: App. 488,000m2

Floor: 39F

Description: Hospital, Hotel, Islamic showroom, education, etc.

Discovery Complex Tower, Vietnam

Period: 2012 ~ 2016

Stories: B5F ~ 50F (GFA: 242,895m²)

Description: Apartment, Office, Retail

Yangon Hotel, Myanmar

Period: Feb. 2014 ~ Dec. 2016 (35months)

Stories: B2F ~ 29F (GFA: 104,124m²) 

Description: Hotel

Daechung Apartment Remodeling, Korea

Period: Oct. 2013 ~ Dec. 2015

Stories: B2F ~ 18F (6 towers)

Description: Apartments, 902 units


Oakwood Premier Hotel, Korea

Period: 2006 ~ 2014

Stories: B3F ~ 68F (GFA: 1,500,000m2)

Description: 5 Stars Hotel, 423 Rooms

Songdo Arts Center, Korea

Period: Apr. 2009~Jun. 2014

GFA: 65,938 m²

Description: B1 ~ 7F, Opera House, Theater, Music School

Chadwick International School, Korea

Period: Mar.2006~Mar.2009
GFA: 54,412 m²
Description: 5F