About us

PECSA’s Overview

PECSA is undertaking new challenges to lead itself towards a new market.
PECSA, founded in 2015, is a glocalized construction company that aims to carry out projects related to business in building, railway and plant sectors. In addition, PECSA will manage schedules efficiently and the improve quality of its own construction projects. As one of the Top Tier EPC Company in KSA, PECSA will create new jobs and train skilled manpower in order to contribute the expansion of the nation’s industry.

Along with financial supports by PIF and technical supports by POSCO E&C, we strongly believe PECSA is going to build a new milestone in the history of construciton in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as well as Korea.

Our Vision

Our vision

 ‘Most Attractive E&C Solution Provider’
We aims to become the most attractive EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) solution provider in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by providing client-oriented optimized technologies and best people equipped with discipline and basics as core value.


  • Align POSCO Capabilities with KSA Needs of Development.
  • Self reliant PECSA via Technology Transfer.
  • Efficient Build-Up of PECSA 
  • The most competent HR and Finance  Scheme


Government Relations

The Public Investment Fund (PIF) is the major shareholder of POSCO E&C SAUDI ARABIA (PECSA) and POSCO Engineering & Construction, a Korean construction company, is the 2nd shareholder.
The Public Investment Fund (PIF) was established by Royal Decree No. M/24, dated 25-06-1391H corresponding to 17-08-1971. The purpose of establishing PIF was to provide financing support to productive projects which are of a commercial nature and are strategically significant for the development of the national economy and cannot be implemented by the private sector alone either because of insufficient experience or inadequate capital resources or both.
PECSA will accomplish a number of important projects that the government pursuit for development of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.